Super Hero Summer

Summer Super Hero Movies

The top 3 most anticipated summer movies.

This summer was the summer of super heroes. Everyone from Bat Man to The Hulk was invited to this extravaganza.
Its not that hard to imagine why these films were so successful instantly turning into block buster hits, sky rocketing to the millions in profits within the first few days of its release. Everyone’s favourite childhood hero/heroine from the comic book universe had their moment of glory on the big screen. The inner child in many of us was bursting out of our mundane office garb like the Hulk as we watched things explode and smash into each other with all the grandeur of a Hollywood film.
The time seemed right for these films to excel. After the initial ground work was done for the Avengers with the individual stories of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor movie goes were anxiously awaiting for the avengers to finally assemble.  Director, Joss Whedon did a marvelous job of putting all these characters in one room while maintaining their individuality. The witty dialogue and banter coupled with the quirks of each super hero added just the right amount of humour to the film.
The Avengers secured their spot as the number one hit for the summer block buster line up soon to be followed by Spider Man. After the last three movies, critics and audiences alike were skeptical about the upcoming Amazing Spider Man directed by Marc Webb. However there was no disputing the fact that this was fresh and new and just what summer movie goers wanted. Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacey) were perfect for the roles, creating a relatively new story for audiences to enjoy with the added bonus of seeing it in 3D.
And finally, what i would say is the final and most gratifying movie of the summer is The Dark Knight Rises directed by Chris Nolan. It was everything you hoped for in a grande finale, the last installment of the Batman trilogy. From the new gadgets to the elaborate sets and all star cast it was definitely worth the wait.
This summer the heroes came out in full regalia, smashing box office records and making 2012 a summer to remember. There are lots more to look forward to next year, with Marvel Studio’s already planning for a follow up to Avengers’ success. Lets keep our eyes out for those trailers !
Happy Watching !


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