Review about Reviewing Movies.

There are many people all over the world perfectly capable of wielding a key board, watching a movie and talking about it. However, that doesn’t necessarily make them good at reviewing movies.

A movie reviewer has to be more than the casual audience member, he/she has to know about all the components that make up a great film like the musical score, the director, the studio that produced it ect.

The most important thing about any movie is the fact that its not about the actors but about the story.
What makes a good story ? What is the story of the film you just saw ? And most importantly how did this story resonate with the audience.

A good movie review has to have a sense of humour about things, and this is just my general opinion on the matter but you shouldn’t just comment dryly on the negatives like the poor lighting, the lack of chemistry between actors or the jump cuts between scenes but rather entertain yourself and the reader by showing the both sides of the coin; the pros and the cons.

The movie reviewer shouldn’t necessarily always have to pick a side, of whether the film was good or bad. Instead it would be more beneficial for everyone if the personality of the reviewer could stand out while simultaneously critiquing a film with relevant research and fact to prove their point and encourage others to think about the film in a deeper sense, rather than just the superficial  pump and pageantry of the typical summer blockbuster.


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